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Paulette Wagner

Paulette Wagner is a retired educator who is very concerned about the decline in character and morals she has witnessed over the last 40 years. As morality have gone down, so has morale in our society. In 2001 she started developing and delivering presentations to business and civic groups on the topics of ethics and morale. Paulette, as "The Morale Fairy", is determined to help raise the level of ethical behavior in our society and help everyone's morale improve.

Elderbob Brannan

Robert "elderbob" Brannan is an Eldercoach with thirty years of experience working with the more mature element of our society. He is convinced that the coming years will be a golden age for seniors and is determined to help make that vision come true. His interest in ethics stems from his belief that the passing of years allows for the growth of a personally tested value set that can offer real value to younger peers. It is his desire to help folks understand that it is never too late to become all they ever wanted to be.

Bill Fenson

The Skills Emporium, LLC
University of Texas at Arlington Careers Service Site
Implementing and Managing Telework: A Guide for Those Who Make It Happen. William (“Bill”) Fenson Is a Counseling Specialist III at the University of Texas at Arlington where he and one colleague serves 5300 College of Business Students. Bill has recently relocated to Texas from Upstate New York where he started a private consulting practice (since 1997), The Skills Emporium, LLC. He is a published author on a business trend telecommuting entitled: Implementing and Managing Telework: A Guide for Those Who Make It Happen. He has earned a Master of Science in Career and Human Resource Development from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is currently working towards a PhD. Bill is also a past president of the National Employment Counseling Association.

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