• Neil Young - Greendale

    Neil Young: Greendale

    Great website promoting Neil's new album and movie. I can't wait to see the movie. Check back later this month. I plan to see the movie in April. http://www.neilyoung.com

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August 04, 2004


Jim Kloss

ebob -

This is simply a beautiful story and the audio version is outstanding. I believe you were listening when I aired it on Whole Wheat Radio. I hope you weren't upset since I didn't ask permission first, but somehow after hearing your sincerity in the reading, I don't think so. I added you as a "Spoken Word" artist and also put your blog on the list of Whole Wheat Radio Listener blogs that are announced when they're updted.

Glad to meet you! And if you have any other stories you want to read and you'd like them aired, let me know. You have a great storyteller's voice!

Rick Walker

I am collecting career stories and I loved the melon tale! I remember an ice house that we used each summer when we would camp out at Hammonassett State Park, CT. Those were the days! Lying on my cot in a brand new, 20-foot, screened in two-room Sears tent, reading comics, and riding my new Robin Hood 3-speed bike around the park, with generator running off special ribs on wheel to send power to headlight at nite. Did you take inspiration from Brautigan, one of my favorite writers? Those melons were big then because so many small farmers kept so many thousands of different plants. Now we have genetic engineering, vastly fewer plant species to work with, and who knows what will happen in biopharming etc. Could I put the tale on my web site? Are you interested in providing career advice?

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