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March 30, 2005


Sus Nyrop

My dear virtual friend and online colleague, Bob!

I've followed your fiesta project since the early conception of the idea I think. And I'm so proud to know you and feel good you realized all this. Although of course this would not have been realized without the actors willing to collaborate and come to the party, I know you have been the primary drive in getting this into action.

As a side efect of this getting together online as well as in san Antonio, I received an invitation from Chrissan in Sweden while we were getting to know each other, and Rita, in a long and social, deep chat while we were looking for something to happen over there in San Antonio!

So for me personally, this means now that I'm going to visit Chrissan in Trollhättan next month!!

Please check out my blog regarding this and my report about the WIA WiFi fiesta 2005

Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

Hey Bob--
"Awesome" is definitely the adjective to describe your role in bringing us all together--both virtually online and f2f on land.

Through the noise and confusion we created some wonderful moments:

Traveling with Ana and Jane by riverboat on the San Antonio River canals to the bottom of Houston St was magical...

Vance and I talking online to each other at opposite ends of the table, when we couldn't hear each other on land; Vance exclaiming, "Another new use for audio online--why didn't we think of this before!"

The dizzy walk home to the Menger with fellow Webheads--just a few short quiet blocks end a mellow evening.

Thanks to all you Webheads!


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